I’m, Jammie (pronounced Jay-Me), a Richmond based wardrobe consultant, style expert, and all around creative type with sizable dreams. Born and raised on the West Coast, I am learning to embrace the Southern suburbs all the while planning my next adventure to the big city.

You can count on finding me in a jean jacket with pink lipstick, sipping an almond milk latte.  Most days I'm  working from a home, breaking on occasion to share a laugh with my husband who is one of my greatest advocates and supporters. Other times, I am researching all the things about motherhood and caring for our new little one.

“Fashion is a powerful tool that can help you get what you want in life.”
— Lauren Messiah

My styling approach? It's honest, authentic, and fun. Together we define goals and dig deep to find out where you want to take yourself and your wardrobe, which equates to executing your life goals- In Style. A well curated closet allows you to create the first impressions you've always dreamed of. Whether it's a first date, 10th wedding anniversary, career moment, a family photo, or just showing up to life as your best self-daily. I don't want to just dress you the way that gets the best reaction from the world, I want to dress you in a way that helps usher in increased confidence, attractiveness, love for yourself and frankly, just because you deserve this!

My goal is for you to be excited about getting dressed, radiate confidence, and create opportunities that you thought were beyond reach. Ultimately-- developing your individual style.